Friday, May 29, 2009

La Petite Poule Rouge (The Little Red Hen)

In Junior High School I was in a play that my French Class did for the younger grades. I was - La Petite Poule Rouge (The Little Red Hen).

I had to go to all the other characters and ask for help only to hear them say over and over Pas Moi! Not Me!

Now, here I sit, three decades later wondering if I've become a real life La Petite Poule Rouge. I'm answering myself with those same two little words - Pas Moi!! Surely not!

And yet, I find in my possession a newly acquired Grain Mill and supply of grain (with etc...)

Was this my destiny? Was it meant to be? Was being a 'do it myself' kind of girl instilled in me at a tender age?

Here is my Grain Mill - The Wonder Junior Deluxe! Isn't it lovely!

Here is where I bought my grain and other supplies. If you look to the left side bar you'll see a Getting Started button, that's what I clicked and used as a guide for my ordering.

I do not know when I will actually use any of this, certainly not today. But, when I do, I'll be sure to share the experience! In the meantime, enjoy this online story of The Little Red Hen.