Monday, November 30, 2009

Forever Thankful!

November of 2009 found us standing before a judge once again and finalizing the adoption of three of our children. Now, in the eyes of the Lord and the Law, we are a Forever Family, and we are forever thankful!

With seven adoptions accomplished, the big question was, "Are you finished?" Henry stated firmly that he was very sure we were. I stated that I was only going to say, I'd obey the Lord. He grinned at me and I grinned at him. We know how the Lord works. But, surely, these seven from heaven would complete our family. After all, seven is symbollic in the Scriptures as completion.

We have had many foster children, 45 to be exact, and while some were only infants when they left us or only with us a very short time, we developed some very long lasting and close relationships with a number of our foster children. A few have grown up, married and started families of their own. We have had the honor of meeting some of these precious little ones that are grandchildren in love.

One of these very special former foster children is now 12 years old and the birth brother of two of our adopted sons. We have tried hard to stay in contact but last year we were told that he had been adopted. I decided to try once again to contact him as we love him very much and he was in our home many years.

What a shock and wonderful surprise to find out that he is available for adoption and we could be considered as an adoptive resource. We are thrilled beyond measure and praying diligently for the Lord's will to be done in his life and ours.

It will be a slow process, the transition will need to be gradual. He has autism and does not need any sudden changes in his routine. However, it appears that the Lord was not seeing us complete (as the #7 indicates), instead He appears to be seeing the New Year as a time for NEW Beginnings (which is what the #8 signifies).

We'll keep you updated and would so appreciate your prayers!