Saturday, June 27, 2009

Accessible Storage - My Solution

One of the things that I've struggled with as I've tried to buy bulk foods like grain, dried beans, rice, etc... was that once it was packed away in the opaque white buckets, I couldn't easily 'see' it nor access it.

When I bought the grains for grinding, I ordered the Gamma Lids. These are going to work well.

However, all of these white buckets filled with assorted stuff would kind of run together. Even with my best efforts to keep the Steel Cut Oatmeal separate from the pinto beans and even though I clearly labeled with black was just an aggravation to go and find it.

I found myself using the stuff I hadn't put away yet because I could see it, grab it and not search for it. Call me lazy but I will declare myself busy! Anyway, I think I've finally found my solution.

They arrived today and I'm very pleased.

They are clear, so I can easily see what they hold and how much.

They are air tight which keeps it nice and fresh and any intruders out.

They are on wheels, this is a real bonus and convenience.

They are FDA approved, making them safe for food storage.

They are on sale at Amazon (buy 3 get 4) plus they qualified for free super savers shipping.

They hold a LOT! One of them held TWO 20lb bags of Jasmine Rice!

I am a happy prepper girl, and I think this will encourage me to properly rotate.

I can still use the buckets (and will do so for the grains) but, I can transfer what I'm ready to start using.

Just thought I'd share my discovery so that it may help someone else.