Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Life as a Mommy and a Wife

I think I'll tell you a bit about me. I live in Alabama with my dh Henry and our seven children whom we have been blessed to make our own through the miracle of adoption. We have been married 26 years! I assure you he is the only man on earth who could live with me that long, he is amazing and the love of my life.Our children, and how they came to us, are miracles indeed.

Just briefly, they are
ds1 - 14 (joined our family at age 8)
ds2 - 13 (our first adoption and came as a 2 week old premie 5lb infant
ds3 - 9 (was 2 mos old when he arrived)
dd1 - 9 (birth sister to our other daughter, came at age7)
dd2 - 8 (came at age 6)ds4 - 5 (straight from the hospital at 2 days)
ds5 - 4 (birth brother to the girls and was 3 yrs old when he came)

I was born in Louisiana, lived primarily in Texas and Mississippi during my growing up years and then married and was imported to Alabama over 25 years ago.

Alabama has been good to us, my dh and dc were all born here. All of my family lives in Arkansas and the sensible thing to do would be to move there, but dreams aren't always sensible.

Three years ago we bought an older house on 5 acres of land and have been going about making it into a homestead.We have a pond, a creek, goats, chickens, dogs and a parrot. Recently Aslan, our Anatolian puppy joined the family.

If you know me at all, you know that I love the Lord. I'm doing my best to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to Him. I love the Word of God and use it as the Plumb Line, as a standard for all things Spiritual.

I have conquered my fear of pressure canning! I bought a Nubian milk goat and she delivered her baby right here on our little homestead. I'm enjoying my chickens immensely, they are wonderful homestead animals.

I home educate my children in a very Eclectic manner. That basically means I'll use any method or manner I can to help my children learn how to learn. That's my goal, I know I can never teach them everything, but if I have taught them the love of learning, to read, to investigate, to grow...I have done a good thing.

We're hoping to have a big garden this year and better success with it as we try some new techniques. This is an area I'm still trying to learn and grow in. With a famly our size, we need to be gardening! Well, just thought I'd tell you a bit about me!


  1. Hi. I guess I missed this post...

    It is good to read a little about you. I admire your adoptions. Part of me wants to do that but I am just scared. Did you do it thru foster care?

    Our son is adopted. We brought him home the day after he was born. Since then we have considered foster care but I chicken out when it comes to actually making the call to get started.

  2. Hi Bernice, I don't know how I missed replying to this, so sorry!

    Yes we began as foster parents. We never realized it would lead to adoption, much less seven of them! :)

    Make the phone call, get some info, it cant' hurt. And you may be surprised at what you find out. Usually, you must go through training and even then, you're never obligated to take a child unless you choose to.

    Foster care has been a great blessing in our lives, it was the way God chose to grow our family.