Monday, February 2, 2009


Until a few months ago I'd never even tried lentils. I noticed at the store that they were a bit cheaper than other dried beans and trying to incorporate variety into my preps I decided to give them a try. I read all about them and they are a fascinating legume, with quite a history.

They are in the Bible in Genesis, when Esau gives up his birthright for a bowl of them. They were discovered in an Egyptian Pyramid from 2400 BC, they are considered one of the TOP Ten Healthiest Foods! We did a unit study on these little gems and were amazed by what we found. They have almost as much protein as soy beans and you don't have to presoak them! They can be stored for indefinite periods of time and they are very inexpensive. This is a top ranking prep item in my opinion.

The thing that really amazed me about these Lentils is their versatility. They are considered to be bland when unseasoned...but the beauty is, you can decide what flavor they will take. They take on the flavor of what you're seasoning them with. They can be a 'barbeque bean', a 'pate', a 'curried' dish, a 'taco soup', a 'vegetable stew', on and on they go. They are like a blank canvas that is so full of nutrition and you can decide the results with your own taste bud preferences.

Not only that, but they are among the most digestible of legumes and are proven to help with insulin levels in diabetics. :) It is considered a Super Food by nutritionist and health experts.

Here are a few links where you read more about them:

BTW - Today I tried a Lentil Loaf (meatloaf without meat), everyone, include hubby said it was good! :)

And then I did a Barley and Lentil soup with mushrooms and Cilantro... Very yummy!

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